Camus gaztearen eskutitzak / Cartas de un joven Camus / Letters From a Young Camus


Ha pasado el tiempo. Tal vez ya es momento de recordar lo que nos ocurrió, de aprender de ello desde la voz sincera y la experiencia cotidiana de un joven estudiante de instituto, con sus amigos, vecinos y familiares. Un joven como tú. Porque la escritura y la lectura son maneras de dominar el tiempo, y de entender el que nos ha tocado vivir.

Total confinement, the world paralysed and the feeling of being in a prison with a life sentence: This is how our main character, whose name we do not know because he could be any one of us, lives and feels the irruption of the pandemic. His father is in a coma, sick with COVID; his mother cries with fear and helplessness, and his little sister just claims to continue with his daily life. Overwhelmed by circumstances, our young character only finds relief in writing letters to his secret love: his beloved A. In these letters, which he does not send, he narrates with such an honest voice, his daily day-to-day life in these new circumstances, balancing what is really important in life, the sense of existence, the need of a collective support or the individual freedom versus authority and disregard. Such Camus did in La peste (The plague), a book that by the way he is hardly trying to read.

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