Arrain hezur bat eztarrian


On asmoz abiatu eta hondamendian amiltzen diren txangoak, edo itxura negargarria izan arren amaiera gozoa hartzen duten festak. Ezer ez da dirudiena istorio hauetan: errealistak batzuk, fantastikoak bestetzuk, beti dute gorderik ustekabearen harra, bolante kolpea, magiaren printza.

Outings that start with good intentions and end up in disaster, or celebrations that look terrible but have a happy end. Nothing is what it seems in these stories: some of them realistic, others fantastic, they always conceal something unexpected, a sudden twist, a touch of magic.


Elkar publishing house was founded in 1975, with the aim of promoting Basque culture. Since then it has been very active as both a publisher and a record label, promoting the literary and musical works of writers and musi- cians and, at the same time, helping to fill gaps in and fulfil the needs of our culture. Thanks to the work carried out in these years, Elkar’s catalogue cur- rently holds more than 2,500 works.