Bichta éder


Euskal kostako jauregi abandonatu baten lurretan turismoari loturiko proiektu handi-mandi bat dagoela sumaturik, hura ikertzen hasiko da Eñaut Oihenart kazetaria, eta eraikina okupatuko dute hainbat gazte ekintzailek. Historia hurbila eta egungo Iparraldeko soziologia bikain erretratatzen dituen eleberria, irakurlea jakin-minez atxikitzen duena.

A tourist project on the estate of an abandoned palace on the Basque coast arouses the suspicions of the journalist Eñaut Oihenart, who starts investigating. Then the site is occupied by some young people. A novel that portrays to perfection the recent history and sociology of Iparralde, the French Basque Country, and inexorably draws the reader in.


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