Cayo hueso


Floridatik dingilizka geratutako azken uhartea da Cayo Hueso, Antillen erdian igeri, Kubaren eta kontinentearen erdibidean. Hantxe bizi da, otarrain-arrantzan, istorio hau kontatzen duen kapitain zaharra, eta hantxe agertuko dira, ezustean, nobelaren gainerako protagonistak: Virgil musika kritikaria aurrena eta Maudey jazz kantaria gero, bere bandarekin.

Cayo Hueso is an island off Florida, in the West Indies, halfway between Cuba and the mainland. This is the home of the old sea captain who, in between catching lobsters, tells this story. Here too the other characters in the novel appear by surprise: first the music critic Virgil and then the jazz singer Maudey, complete with band.


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