Katta. Musikazaleak / Músicos


Type:  Haur eta gazte literatura

Writer:  Miren Agur Meabe

Illustrator: Lotura films

Format:  20,5 x 18 cm

Number of pages: 36

ISBN:  978-84-1360-108-3

Year:  2021

Available rights:  Para todas las lenguas / For all languages

Theme:  Una lectura amena, divertida y muy didáctica. / An entertaining, fun, and very instructive reading.


Una colección que reúne lecturas especialmente creadas para los primeros lectores, para ser leídas acompañadas de los mayores o ellos solos, con frases cortas, parágrafos a medida, conjugando el humor, las rimas, las onomatopeyas y algunas versos.

A collection containing texts specially created for early readers, to be read with adults or on their own, with short sentences and measured paragraphs that combine humour, rhymes, onomatopoeia and a few verses.


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Telephone:  618755227

Publisher: Elkar

Elkar publishing house was founded in 1975, with the aim of promoting Basque culture. Since then it has been very active as both a publisher and a record label, promoting the literary and musical works of writers and musi- cians and, at the same time, helping to fill gaps in and fulfil the needs of our culture. Thanks to the work carried out in these years, Elkar’s catalogue cur- rently holds more than 2,500 works.