Sorgina eta katua


Katu bat, sorgina izan nahi duena. Sorgin bat, ez duena katua izan nahi. Katu bat, sorgina katua izatea nahi duena. Sorgin bat, katua sorgina izatea nahi ez duena. Eta zuk zer izan nahi duzu?


logo mezulari

The Mezulari publishing house, as part of the Loyola Communication Holding, is the brand for publications in Basque. Gero Liburuak, which was shaped between the years 2010 and 2020 and was a pioneer among Basque language publishing, gave way to Mezulari in 2010. Among their first issues stand out those co-published with Euskaltzaindia’s Orotariko Euskal Hitzegia. Currently, they are mostly dedicated to publishing children’s and young adults’ literature in Basque. Series such as Bat Pat, Agatha Mystery or Mortina, among others, as well as illustrated children’s books merit to be highlighted in their catalogue.