LIT-UP Proiektua: editoreen eta eragileen gaitasunen hobekuntzarako onlineko ikastaroa


Dear publisher, author, bookseller, librarian, student! Dear everybody interested in our project!
We are kindly inviting you to embarque on a 4-module on-line training within the project LIT-UP.

Specifications of the training

The objectives of the trainings, delivered on the platform Moodle, are to increase publishers and authors’ competences in the following fields with the tailor-made contents:

1. Management of National and International Bookfairs: preparation for an event, the work to be done during an event, the work following an event – how to convert contacts in sales or purchase of works.
2. Management of Literary Promotional Events: preparation prior to an event, the work to be done during an event, how to take advantage of joint presence of authors and the editors/publishers in promotional events.
3. Management of Foreign Rights: one workshop will be aimed at publishers so that they get to know all the rights they have to manage when they publish a work; and the other at authors so that they get to know what kind of rights they should negotiate with their publisher.
4. Negotiation of Foreign Rights: this module is aimed at publishers only so that they get to learn how to promote the works internationally, how to contact interested publishers and how to negotiate foreign rights in international fairs.

Each module consists of approx. 20 hours of directed independent learning, an interesting model of learning, where on one hand the teacher identifies the objectives, teaching content and learning activities to be developed by the student (directed), and on the other hand learners have ownership and control of their learning – they learn by their own actions and direct, regulate and assess their own learning (independent).

Learning materials such as videos, articles, audiotapes, podcasts, lectures, and forms to use: drafts, working sheets, checklists, contracts are provided.

Life workshops, Learning from practice – DO`s and DON`ts and Ask an expert are most important sections.

The training materials are delivered mostly in English, therefore level B1, preferrably B2, of competence in English (
languages/table-1-cefr-3.3-common-reference-levels-global-scale) is required for taking part in the programme.


Register for the training

The first module starts on the 1st of May, therefore we are inviting you to register for the training here:

After the 20th of April, we will send you the user name and inform you when the materials are prepared so that you can start learning.

The workshop International Bookfairs: objectives and strategies will be delivered via ZOOM in live on Thursday, 25th of May, from 3 do 7 p.m. Carlota Torrents will be hosting and facilitating it. You will receive ZOOM link after
your registration and a few days prior to the workshop.

We look forward to receiving your registration form and learning with you!